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Wonderful towns and cities in Puglia

Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot is full of not-to-be-missed cities and places during the summer holidays. It is appreciated for its blue sea and  beautiful coasts, but we should remember that there are also many wonderful towns and cities to visit in Puglia.

Here is a list of my suggestions: Let’s start with Conversano, a serene and elegant hill top town. It is the perfect place for people in search of art and history during their holiday. The stunning Castle with his incredible story, the Cathedral and its many fascinating small streets make Conversano a town of great interest. Here you have the opportunity to taste local delicacies like olives, grapes, almonds , wine and above all, the famous “ferrovia”, a delicious type of cherry which originated here.

Castellana Grotte is a top place to visit thanks to its famous underground limestone caves. In these fascinating caves you can admire white stalactites and stalagmites, small underground lakes and pinnacles of lucid stone. The enchanting caves are one of the most important speleology complexes in Italy, and among the main tourist destinations in Puglia.

Alberobello is a fascinating city at the centre of  the Valle d’Itria. This city is most famous in the world for its ‘trulli’, structures made of  limestone. They are cylindrical buildings with a conical roof of "chiancherelle" or tiles of limestone rock. Tourists, therefore, can stroll and admire this magical town no matter which season you visit. Alberobello is a top destination if you want to be in a fairytale like atmosphere. It has been recognized as a World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Locorotondo, with its village, is another one of the top towns for summer holidays in Puglia. Many tourists are enchanted while exploring this white washed building town. Along the winding roads, through almond, olive trees and vineyards we can admire a hill crowned with walls and white houses. The historical centre has numerous alleys, churches, bars and restaurants where you can sample some of the local  Apulian delicacies,  washed down with  fragrant local wine. Locorotondo has one of the best white wines of Puglia.

Martina Franca is another must see place to visit in Puglia. It is a splendid and cheerful little town on the southern ledge of the Murge. This place is in the provinceof Taranto. The town's jewel is its lovely historical centre with tall houses, narrow streets and charming and unmistakable trullo homes. The Baroque churches make the landscape more heterogeneous. Martina Franca is an incredibly photogenic town so you can take lots of pictures.

Grottaglie is the town known for its beautiful hand-made ceramics. From the Murgia slopes, Grottaglie is located at a distance of 24km from Taranto. The area is very rich in clay. Pots, plates and other items are made from  the imagination of master potters. It is highly advisable to visit their workshops. Grottaglie offers interesting archaeological settlements and a fascinating old town center.

Galatina, located 20km south of Lecce in Puglia, is characterised by a military airport used by the Italian Air Forces for training purposes. Galatina is rich in buildings of historical and artistic interest and it was declared City of Artin 2005. One of the most important buildings is St. Catherine’s Church. There is also St. Peter and Paul’s Church and several elegant aristocratic palaces in  Baroque>
Well, Puglia is the perfect place to spend family holidays.


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