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Puglia Holidays Family – The top 10 things to do in Puglia with children

Puglia is certainly the perfect place to spend the holidays with family because there are many beautiful and, most of all, fun places, not only for adults but also for children for a perfect Puglia holiday family.


Here top 10 things to do in puglia with children:


1-  Zoo Safari and Fasanolandia amusement park.

The Zoo Safari at Fasano in Puglia, precisely in the Valle d’Itria, has over 50 different species of animals to see and there are several shows with dolphins, parrots and penguins. Some areas are visitable in car and some are accessed on foot, while others require a trip on an electric train.

When you’ve seen all that, you can head for the amusement park with rides for children: Fasanolandia. There are many bar and restaurand to eat.


2-  Miragica amusement park

Miragica is an amusement park located in Puglia in the area of Molfetta (Bari) and it is open from March to November. Here there are 23 mechanical attractions, a 4D cinema, an stunt area, a theater, parking lots, but also a restaurant, a bar, a picnic area and eating places. This amusement park will let kids have a big of fun.


3-  Acquapark Egnazia

Acquapark Egnazia, in Monopoli (Bari), is the largest waterpark in South Italy. This park offers several opportunities: areas for sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, fitness, elastic beds, etc.), shopping stands, picnic areas, video games, animation every hour of the day for young and old. Also green, shaded areas and nebulizers will also refresh the hottest days. The huge "Ocean" pool which can simultaneously accommodate more than 800 people, will give you fantastic emotions with its gigantic ocean waves.


4-   Indiana Park

Indiana adventure Park is located in Castellana Grotte (Bari) near Monopoli. Ropeladder-walking, tree-climbing, cable slides and many other activities will keep your children occupied for a long time. This park is beautiful because there are also different attractions for different ages so all everyone. Safety equipment is provided and there is also a picnic and barbecue area for a packed lunch or something to grill.


5-   Castellana caves

A different and fascinating attraction for children in Puglia are the caves in Castellana Grotte. They are a must-see attraction in the province of Bari.

In these fascinating caves you and you children can admire white stalactites and stalagmites, small underground lakes and pinnacles of lucid stone. The enchanting caves are one of the most important speleology complexes in Italy, and among the main tourist destinations in Puglia and they can capture the imagination of children and adults. You can admire the Grotta Bianca (White Cave), the Caverna dell’Altare (Cavern of the Altar), the Caverna della Cupola (Cavern of the Cupola), and the Passaggio del Presepio (Nativity Scene Passage), which has a stalagmite shaped like the Virgin Mary called the Madonnina delle Grotte (Little Madonna of the Caves). To visit the Castellana Caves, which are open all year round, a choice of two itineraries is available: the full tour runs for about 3 km and takes almost 2 hours; the shorter version is about 1 km long and lasts 50 minutes. Children under 5 get in fre and children from 6 to 14 years old receive a discount on the cost of the ticket.


6-   Alberobello and ‘Trulli’.

Alberobello is a fascinating city in Puglia at the centre of the Valle d’Itria. This city will be very interesting for your children. It is the most famous in the world for its ‘trulli’, structures made of  limestone. They are cylindrical buildings with a conical roof of "chiancherelle" or tiles of limestone rock. Children will admire this magical and “strange” houses in a fairytale like atmosphere. Perfect for family holidays.


7-   The stones of Matera

During the Puglia holidays with family, visit the stones of Matera is a must. It is located in the southern region of Basilicata. Matera is one of the most interesting, unusual and memorable tourist destinations in Italy and very fascinating for children. Matera is a town famous for its extensive cave-dwelling districts, the ‘sassi’. You will stay in caves, wander the lanes alongside the picturesque cave-filled cliffs, and children will learn the history of this fascinating place.


8-   Boat exploration in Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare, in the province of Bari in Puglia, is considered the ‘pearl’of the Adriatic sea. Puglia has the best beaches and here you will find awsome beaches, a breathtaking landscape and a wonderful blue sea. Polignano a Mare has some of the most popular beaches and caves well worth a visit.  A guided exploration for the main caves present under the old town of Polignano up to the Hermit islet will be a very exciting adventure for your children. You reach also the fantastic caves south of Polignano : the cave of Pozzovivo with its rocks representing animals and the immense and spectacular cave of pigeons with its beautiful light reflections.


9-   See ‘ Bari Vecchia’ (the Old Bari)

Wander the streets of ‘Bari Vecchia’ (the Old Bari) is an experience not to be missed. Here the historical lanes are smart and cleaned up and children will see local people live their lives almost communally, with doors open, women making pasta (‘orecchiette’) in the doorways and lots of comings and goings. The Old Bari is a lovely place to explore and lose yourself. Then, in the heart of the Old Town you will admire the most famous church: the eleventh-century Romanesque Basilica of Saint Nicholas.

10-Bike tours in Puglia countryside

Cycle around the countrysides in Puglia is a gorgeous activity to do with children. They will admire the charm of Puglia’s nature and stop at the shade of olive tree. Then you and your family can trip around olive mills and farm where you can see cheese production and how many local products are made. Very interesting!


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